Architecture is a complicated matter because architecture is everything and nothing at the same time,architecture is simply a complicated matter. What is architecture? many sleepless nights, a lot of rejection to new ideas, a copy paste and blur software, I truly would like to know, however it seems to be a grand and confusing subject that every time I feel as if I have discover its true identity the story unfolds and a new clue leaves mean right at the begging of the story all over again.

What is architecture, I don’t think I truly know the right answer yet. However, I can say that architecture is an experience, architecture is an emotion, architecture is an idea, architecture is a life style, architecture its politics, architecture is the environment, but it is also deceiving, ungrateful, and distasteful. The most import subject in architecture is the emotion and experience evoked by it, architecture in order to be successful has to capture the viewers five senses, it is not based on beauty because beauty does not exists therefore there is no such thing as a beautiful building. 



What is beauty? Well the sky the stars the moon! Incorrect if you state that something is beautiful you are stating that that particular object is always beautiful and you cannot say that about the sky or the moon at all times. If you are walking down the street with you significant other having a great time and you accidentally glance at the moon the sense in that particular moment is perfect and all of your five senses are Active, you take the time to analyze the moon and even go as far as to say “the moon is beautiful”. however giving the same scenario you are walking down the street this time you just got your heart broken, your significant other has been cheating on you. Unfortunately for you the moon is shining brighter then it ever has, accidentally you glance at it, at this point you will not find the moon beautiful at this point you will not even take the time to stop for a while and analyze it’s beauty because it’s no longer beautiful to you. Therefore the experience has a traumatic effect and this is when architecture becomes a tricky subject. How does one make an experience that will impact you so much so that you stop for a second and realize that architecture is beautiful. 

I will then venture to say that so far I have understand that architecture strives to be an experience and not simply a beautiful object.